When doing some reading I came across some interesting ideas about the use of honey in treating eye conditions. In many cultures, this sticky substance is considered to have many healing properties. It’s been used in skin care, infections, other conditions and, of course, as a great substitute for refined sugar.

But is there any truth to this as a treatment for various eye conditions? Although I was unable to come across any scientific reports or studies, I did find several sources that say using honey for treating eye conditions actually works. It’d be very interesting to see some actual studies done on this assertion.

Basically the story goes, you use a fresh honeycomb boiled in water in very specific proportions. You then use the mixture as an eye drop. The properties of the honey are supposed to help you treat some common eye conditions. One story I found says that a person had very swollen and burning eyes. They tried a honey-based remedy one night, and after some initial stinging of the eyes, the condition lessened. In the morning, this persons eyes were no longer swollen and burning, but actually more clear in colour as well.

Whether this is true or not is beyond my understanding, but it would be interesting to learn more about. If I am able to come up with any more information on using honey as a treatment for the eyes, I will post it up here. If anyone has any personal stories or comments on this – please share!!