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If you’re in the health care field (whether general health or a specialty) you have probably heard of things like medical dictation. It’s an important service and skill to have and can save you lots of time in keeping your patients, files and notes well organized easily. There are many different options available to you when deciding to go down the medical dictation route. From software to hardware it’s important to research and make the right choices before diving in.

Let’s start with the software. The most popular (and probably best quality) software is called Dragon Medical. It is developed by a company named Nuance and is well-known in the field. It has been known to help save transcription costs, improve the accuracy of medical documentation and improve a practice’s quality. It’s a large vocabulary speech recognition solution that is specialized to the medical field. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, practitioner, therapist or anything else, this software can make life a lot easier.

Medical Dictation

On the hardware side of things there are many suppliers and options available. You’ll probably want some sort of digital recorder or headset to implement with any software you use. Phillips and Olympus are two companies that offer great pieces of hardware. Another well-known company is Dictaphone. When looking for a headset, make sure you look at ergonomics, comfort, quality of the hardware and the quality of the microphone. The same things can be applied to any digital or analog recorders you buy, as well.

If you’re so inclined, you can also purchase full systems of transcription equipment. You don’t have to buy your speech recognition software and voice recognition hardware separately. There are some really great solutions available from individual needs to enterprise systems. Just do some research and find something you’ll be able to use comfortably and easily for long periods of time.